Alphanumeric Display 50mm WIFI DT105/NW


LARGE FORMAT Alphanumeric Display WIFI

Messages display from 1 to 8 lines.

1 or 2 displaying sides.

character of 50 mm

6 to 40 characters/line

DT105/NW → IP41
DT105e/NW → IP65
DT105f/NW → IP54
DT105eh/NW → IP65 (High Luminosity)
DT105fh/NW → IP54 (High Luminosity)

Wifi Ethernet. TCP/IP, Modbus/TCP

Message display designed to be used in industrial situations.
It counts on a watch calendar: Seconds / Minutes / Hours / Day / Month / Year.
It is adjustable by two push buttons. The clock is NiMH battery, which last approximately one month.

Transfer messages from PC, Scada systems.
Displaying data in places of difficult access…

Perfect viewing:
DT105/NW are big sized displays.
They are type LED, and they use red colour.
These features make them readable in almost any light atmosphere from 25 meters.

Option: Temperature and humidity detector.

Additional information

Reading Distance ALPHANUMERIC

Input Alphanumeric Large Display


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