Large Format Repeater RS-232/RS-485 57mm DN109/X

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RS-232 / RS-485 serial interface.

Digits of 57mm. height.
From 3 to 10 digits
1 or 2 displaying sides.

Application field:
It shows data of internal registers from a PLC. It displays data created from a PC. It displays in big letters the lecture of voltmeters, temperature regulators, process controlers, etc. It displays data of users equipment based on microprocessors with RS-232 or RS-485 serial line, such large scales, electro medicine instruments, etc.
Option to display the measured units Kg, Tm, ºC, mV, m/s, l/s or any other units, up to three characters.

Perfect viewing:
DN109/X display has an exceptional visibility. It can be read from 30 meters, thanks to its good contrast and its medium sized digits of 57mm.

ISO1745, Modbus, ASCII, Host-Link Slave Omron / Host-Link Master Omron.

COLOUR CHANGE in function of input value

We can adapt the protocol to the customer’s need.




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