Ditel announces Extension of Display Range for MICRA-M Panel Meters

Barcelona, Spain — Ditel is pleased to announce a significant update to the MICRA-M and the MICRA-M6 digital panel meter product line, including all its variants. Aimed at increasing the versatility and functionality of these devices, the range of values the display can represent has been extended, as well as the range of values for setpoints and the analog output.

Update Details:

Starting June 15, 2024, the MICRA-M, MICRA-M6, and all their variants will be updated to firmware version v2.06. This update will allow the devices to display values in an extended range of up to +99999, compared to the previous range of up to 39999.

Range Comparison:

Range Up to v2.05 From v2.06
Display Range -19999 to 39999 -19999 to 99999
Setpoint Range -19999 to 39999 -19999 to 99999
Analog Output -19999 to 39999 -19999 to 99999

*It is important to note that this extension of the display range does not affect the decimal point configuration, which will remain unchanged.

Updated Documentation:

With this update, the datasheet, quick start guide, and technical manual have been revised and updated. We invite our customers to visit our website to download the latest version of these documents.

Scope of Change:

The update to firmware version v2.06 will apply to both the MICRA-M and MICRA-M6 models and all their variants. This enhancement ensures that our digital panel meters continue to provide improved accuracy and reliability across a wide range of industrial applications.

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