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DITEL’s DN Series Numerical Displays emerge as an outstanding technological solution for efficient data presentation in industrial environments. In this article, we will meticulously explore the key features of these devices, highlighting their versatility and practical applications in various industrial scenarios.

Versatility and Custom Configuration

With the ability to display from 2 to 10 digits and variable heights, the DN Series Numeric Displays offer unparalleled versatility. The ability to configure control buses according to specific application needs ensures tailored solutions for a variety of industrial situations.

Beyond Conventional Red

The DN Series goes beyond the simple presentation of numbers by offering colour options, from classic red to a palette of four colours (red, green, yellow, orange). This visual customisation capability not only communicates data effectively, but also adds an aesthetic component to the presentation of key information.

Adaptive Connectivity for Seamless Integration

A highlight of the DN Series is its advanced connectivity capability. Whether via RS-232/RS-485 Serial BUS (RS422 option) or Ethernet/Wifi network, these displays integrate effortlessly into a variety of industrial environments. In addition, the flexibility to configure with different protocols ensures unrestricted connectivity.

Tailored Presentation Options

Versatility in presentation is a hallmark of the DN Series. With single or double-sided display options and variable digit heights, such as the DN109 with 57 mm, these devices offer customised solutions for clear reading even at distances of up to 30 metres.

Practical Applications in the Industrial World

From industrial processes to PLC/PC communication, the DN series finds applications in a wide range of industrial scenarios. These displays are an essential tool for informed decision-making, providing a clear visualisation of crucial numerical values.

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