Clock-Calendar-Chronometer-Thermometer 80mm DMR8

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The DMR8 is designed to display the time, date and temperature. It can also function as a ascending or descending chronometer.

Digits are 80 mm high for a maximum reading distance of about 40m, indoor or outdoor.

It has a precision internal clock and has multiple time synchronization options.

Available in red, amber, white, green or blue LEDs, with automatic brightness control for adapting the intensity to the ambient brightness. Possibility of configuring up to 12 alarms for the control of external elements.

Thanks to the Mercury platform, this model offers a wide range of optional modules such as TCP / IP communication, which allows the synchronization of the clock via SNTP protocol, or the digital input module, for integration in industrial installations. All products have a native mini USB port.

Periferals are also available, such as the relay output module, which can activate devices according to predefined thresholds.

The configuration of the display and these options is done via the MP Tools software.

All displays are manufactured with an extruded aluminum profile frame, giving robustness as well as a minimum weight, and IP54 Level, suitable for outdoor use.

The painting, applied using electrostatic technology, gives high strength and durability.



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