Clock-Calendar-Chronometer-Thermometer 800mm DMR80

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The DMR80 is a clock with date, temperature and timer function 800 mm digit height. It is therefore ideal for viewing outdoors in long distance usage (up to 400m).

  • Displays time, date, temperature, and can also function as a stopwatch.
  • Precision internal clock. maximum deviation of 2 min./year.
  • Prepared for outdoor use.
  • Height 600mm, allowing a reading up to 300m.
  • High-intensity LEDs, allowing optimal viewing in the most adverse conditions (sun in front).
  • Incorporates a brightness sensor to automatically adjust the LED intensity based on ambient light.
  • Mini-USB connector included.
  • Modular technology offering a wide variety of communication options to suit different types of installations such as para SNTP server synchronization, GPS, clock network …



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