Digital panel meter PICA100-P

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48x24mm (1/32 DIN) fully programmable panel meter, easy to scale into desired engineering units directly by frontal keys or rear input signal value in teach mode (tEAc), with 4 x 8mm-high red LED digits, supply excitation for the transducer and TARE function incorporated, it is designed for measuring ±10V and ±20mA process signals.

It also provides an up to ±60V DC voltage input and up to ±100mV DC shunt input which allows high current signals measurement.

A multi-point scaling is also possible to define a linearisation by segments to control the volume of irregularly shaped tanks.

It provides two relays that allow this instrument not only to measure but also to be capable of controlling, regulating and detecting alarms for the mentioned signals.

The indicator incorporates three keys located on the bottom of the frontal display to set all configuration parameters. 4-level brightness configuration is possible to adapt it to the light working conditions. Registers the minimum and maximum process values since its starting up or a resetting.

Power supply 85-265VAC PICA100-P
Power supply 10,5-70 VDC PICA100-P6




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