DIN Rail mounted 3-phase power network meter N43

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Rail mounted 3-phase power network meter N43

For direct measurement (up to 63 A) and indirect measurement of tryphase systems with 4 symmetrical and asymmetrical wires.

  • Parameters measured: rms values of voltage and current, active, reactive and apparent power, active energy and
    reactive, power factors, frequency, THD.
  • Indications considering values of programmed ratios
  • Programmable current and voltage ratios
  • 12 programmable screens/pages
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Digital transmission to the master system through the RS-485 interface with Modbus protocol
  • Configurable alarm outputs
  • Pulse output for monitoring of 3-phase active energy
  • Analog outputs are available by connecting S4AO module
  • USB for configuration using free eCon software
  • Implemented function for software updating
  • Modern design allows installation of the meter in modular switchgear in accordance with EN 62208 (meter has a width of 6 modules) on 35 mm rail
  • External dimensions: 105 x 110 x 60mm



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