Power network meter ND20LITE

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1 and 3-phase power network meter ND20LITE

The meter ND20LITE is distinguished by a high measurement accuracy, legible backlit LCD display and an attractive price in relation to offered measuring functions. It is the ideal tool to control and monitor energy quality parameters and energy consumption in all industry branches, public utilities or in public service buildings.

  • Measurement of the parameters of the electrical network in balanced or unbalanced systems of 2, 3, or 4 wires
  • High precision class
  • Indications considering programmed transformation values
  • THD
  • 3.5 “backlit LCD screen
  • Degree of IP65 front protection
  • Digital transmission to the master system through the RS485 interface (Modbus)
  • Configurable Alarm and Pulse outputs (Energy)
  • Configuration of the pages displayed


funcionamiento de un analizador de red lumel ND20LITE
funcionamiento de un analizador de red lumel ND20LITE



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