Low cost Temperature controller 48x48mm – SXT48

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● This device is designed for basic temperature control applications only in light industrial environments.
● PID temperature controller
● Automatic adjustment of PID parameters
● Sensor type: T/C (J,K,T,S,R), Pt100, selectable, multi-input
● Selectable control type: P, PI, PD, PID or ON-OFF
● 1 Alarm (SXT48R only)
● Ramp mode at power-up
● “Anti-windup” in PID and PI mode
● Upper and lower limits for SET setting
● Displays SET and PROCESS values
● Cold junction compensation for T/C
● Line compensation for Pt100
● Excellent linearity with ºC/mV and ºC/Ohm conversion tables
● “Offset” input function
● Password protection
● High precision
● EEPROM memory to store settings
● Easy connection with pluggable connectors



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