Insulation meter NT10

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Insulation meter NT10 features a large backlit LED display and its compact and robust design makes NT10 meter a reliable and easy-to-use instrument.

This product is designed to measure AC/DC voltage and current, frequency, resistance, circuit continuity, diode, capacitance, to perform current measurements using clamps and insulation resistance measurements.

  • Insulation resistance measurement up to 3 GΩ
  • Measurement of DC and AC voltage in the range of 30mV…1000 V
  • Measurement of DC and AC current in the range of 300μA…300mA
  • Resistance measurement 30Ω…30MΩ
  • Capacity measurement 30nF…30μF
  • Frequency measurement 300Hz…100kHz
  • Measuring the fill factor (%)
  • HOLD Function
  • Temperature measurement in the range of -200…800ºC / Pt100/ Pt1000
  • Analog scale



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