Control Output Option 2 relays – 2RE


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An option of 2 SETPOINTS, programmable within the full display range, can be incorporated to the unit thus providing alarm and control capabilities by means of individual LED indicators and relay outputs.

All the setpoints provide independently programmable value, time delay (in seconds), asymmetrical or symetrical hysteresis (in counts of display) and selectable HI/LO acting. The setpoints are also configurable to activate independently (each one activates at its corresponding programmed value) or tracking one another (setpoint 2 can be conditioned by the action of setpoint 1). Such latter function is included in the programming menus with the name of TRAC and, in case of the setpoint 2, it can be manual or automatic.
The setpoint option consists of a plug-in additional card that once installed to the meter’s main board, activates its own programming module. The setpoints programming may be locked out by means of DIP-switches located on the main board to prevent from accidental or unauthorized changes.

The available alarm/setpoint output options are the following:

2RE: 2 SPDT relays rated 8A

These type of outputs, capable of carrying out a wide variety of control operations and processing of limit values, increases notably the unit’s performance qualities thanks to the possibility of combining basic alarm functions with advanced safety and control applications.



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